25 Disney Jokes That Will Give You a Good Laugh

When you wish upon a star (or Google), you get some quality Disney-themed humour!

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It’s a Small World laughter all: Disney puns

A man went to see the doctor and exclaimed, “Doctor, I need your help. Some mornings I wake up thinking I’m Mickey Mouse, and other times I think I’m Donald Duck!”
The doctor nodded. “I see. And how long have you been having these Disney spells?”

If you watch The Lion King closely, you’ll notice lots of Simba-lism!

Q: What happened the first time Mickey and Minnie saw each other?
A: It was glove at first sight!

Q: What does the rapper Lil Jon say when he visits Disneyland?
A: Turn down for Walt!

Q: What did Captain Hook’s sidekick say to Adele?
A: Hello, it’s Smee!

Classic Disney jokes

Q: Why is Peter Pan flying all the time?
A: He Neverlands!

Q: What does Daisy Duck say when she buys lipstick?
A: Put it on my bill!

Q: Where does Captain Hook go to get his hook replaced?
A: The second-hand store!

Q: Why did Goofy wear two pairs of pants when he played golf?
A: He heard he might get a hole in one!

Q: Why did Mickey Mouse become an astronaut?
A: So he could visit Pluto!

Q: Why is Quasimodo great at solving crimes?
A: He always has a hunch!

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Marvel-ous Disney jokes

Q: Does the God of Thunder like ice cream?
A: Sure, but he prefers Thor-bet.

Q: How does Scarlet Witch channel her magic?
A: With a magic Wanda!

I just had an encounter with the God of Mischief. It was Loki terrifying!

Q: Who is Thor’s favourite rapper?
A: MC Hammer!

Some Forced humour: Star Wars Disney jokes

Q: What do you call a droid that likes taking the scenic route?
A: R2-Detour!

Q: What does The Child from The Mandalorian write in his Valentine’s cards?
A: Baby Yoda one for me!

Q: Is BB hungry?
A: No, BB-8!

Q: Which program do Jedi use to open PDF files?
A: Adobe Wan Kenobi!

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Disney jokes fit for a princess

Q: Why is Cinderella so bad at soccer?
A: Because she’s always running away from the ball—not to mention, she has a pumpkin for a coach!

Q: Which Disney princess would make the best judge?
A: Snow White, because she’s the fairest of them all!

Q:  Why shouldn’t you give Elsa a balloon?
A: Because she’ll let it go!

Q: Why is Gaston the most peaceful Disney villain?
A: Because he won the No-Belle Prize.

Q: What did Snow White say when her photos weren’t ready yet?
A: Someday my prints will come!

Q: Which princess makes the best corny Disney jokes?
A: Ra-puns-el.

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