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Family-Friendly Jokes From the Pages of Reader’s Digest Canada

These clean jokes have two things in common: They were all submitted by our readers, and they're also guaranteed to put a smile on your face!

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Clean Jokes to Share With Your Family

I used to be intense, but then I gave up camping. —David G. Marcotte, Toronto

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Occupational Hazard

Last week I went to the dentist to get my teeth cleaned. At one point during the cleaning, a stream of saliva shot out of my mouth. When I apologized, the hygienist replied, “That’s okay, spit happens.” —Alicia Gobine, Barrie, Ontario

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Overheard at the Hospital…

While I waited for my cataract surgery, I overheard an exchange on the other side of the hospital curtain: “Are those your own teeth?” asked the intake nurse. “I hope so,” answered the elderly man. “I paid for them.” —Joan Almond, Waterloo, Ontario.

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Taking the Initiative

My boss told me to have a good day… so I went home. —Derek Young, Toronto

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Find My Phone

I asked my grandpa why he wrote his cellphone number on the back of the phone. “So if it gets lost, someone can call that number and find me,” he said. —Sarah Crowther-Muhuseen, Spruce Grove, Alberta

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Fish Story

When we immigrated to Canada in 1966, one of the first things we wanted to do was visit Niagara Falls, and we especially wanted to see the aquarium on the U.S. side of the border. While preparing for the trip, our friends warned us that at the border we would be asked, “Where are you going?” I practised my answer: “Aquarium.” The day arrived, and while we were in the checkpoint queue, I kept repeating, “Aquarium, aquarium.” Finally, we got to the front and the guard asked me, “Where were you born?” “Aquarium!” I told him. —Douglas Peters, North York, Ontario

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Change the Channel

Growing up in the ’70s as the youngest of 11 children, I used to beg my dad to get a TV with a remote control. He would reply: “Why do you think we had kids in the first place?” —Paul Larocque, Tecumseh, Ontario

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No Shirt, No Service

When I worked in a hardware store, it was my job to help contractors order their supplies, and there was a certain contractor who would always come into the store shirtless. We had a long lineup one day, and I was busy entering orders when the customer at the front of the line said, “Give me what I usually get.” I looked up and realized that it was the shirtless contractor—wearing a shirt. Without thinking, I said, “Sorry, I didn’t recognize you with your clothes on!” —Wendy Fredette, Salmon Arm, B.C.

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Next Generation

The generation of kids taking classes on Zoom should now be called Baby Zoomers. —Ilene Spencer, Ottawa

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Literal Delivery

I used to work as a courier in a large city. I had a small designated route and was expected to deliver a package every five minutes. Sometimes, when I was running behind, I would rush in carrying a box for delivery to a customer, who would look up slowly from their computer and ask, “What’s that?” I would answer honestly, “It’s a box!” —Peter Bowman, Hamilton

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Drinking Game

It was dart night at the Barrhaven Legion. There were only seven people in the branch, including Dave the bartender and six patrons, also all named Dave. Geoff strolled in, walked up to the bar, took a look around the room and declared, “I’d like to buy a beer for everyone but Dave.” —David St. Amand, Nepean, Ontario

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At Fault

The medical school at the university where I work was celebrating an event and decided to hand out gift pens with the inscription “Faculty of Medicine.” The more you bought from the supplier, the lower the cost, so the university bought 2,000 pens. When the pens arrived, all 2,000 of them read: “Faulty of Medicine.” —Robert Halstead, Winnipeg

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Communication Breakdown

My sister and her husband were travelling and stopped at a fast food drive-thru. My sister gave her order through the intercom but couldn’t make out what the employee was saying. She mentioned this several times, but it wasn’t helping, so she got right out of her car to speak louder into the intercom—and realized she was talking into a mailbox. —Donna Thompson, Edmonton

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Quitting Ain’t Easy

My dad, a tugboat captain, recently told my daughters about how he quit smoking cold turkey when he was a younger man. “I was about to become a father,” he said, “so I held the pack of cigarettes and I said, ‘I’m stronger than you,’ then balled up the pack and tossed it overboard.” He did not receive the admiring reaction he expected when both girls exclaimed in horror, “Papa, you littered in the ocean?” —Gail Robertson, Mechanicsville, Alberta

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Wrong Reference

A job application asked me to list three references. I wrote in Wikipedia, Google and the Oxford Dictionary. I didn’t get the job. —Susan Flynn, London, Ontario

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Slip of the Tongue

Most days in the clinic where I used to work, the phones rang a lot. One very hectic day, when the phones had been particularly busy, I got a bit confused when answering a line that had been waiting: “Thanks for helping, how can I hold you?” —Diane Stift, St. Albert, Alberta

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Broken Telephone

I was catching up with my mom on the phone the other day, and I told her I’d lost a lot of weight. I don’t think she was paying very much attention to our conversation because she asked me, “Have you tried retracing your steps yet?” —Kayla Jordan, Fredericton

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Catch of the Day

Many years ago, my husband and dad were fishing near a lock and dam on the Monongahela River while shooting the breeze and drinking beer. My husband was about to go on a beer run when he noticed a fish in the water below him. On his second cast, he snagged and reeled in what turned out to be the best fishing story they would ever share: a six-pack of beer dangled from the end of his line—five cans of which were still drinkable! —Judith Spinda, Bethel Park, Alberta

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The Canadian Armadillo

My wife and I were camping in Florida and came across an armadillo. We stopped to observe it when a camper van pulled up and a small group of Germans got out. Staring at the armadillo, one of their party asked in halting English, “What is it?” “It’s an armadillo, eh,” I responded. He turned to his friends and shared the information. “Ahhh, armadilloeh,” they nodded. —Bruce Cox, Toronto

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