Can You Find the One Man Without a Mustache?

That's a whole lot of facial hair.

From the annual “No-Shave November” trend (or, more succinctly, “Movember”) to the extravagant quarantine beards many men have tried to grow during the COVID-19 pandemic, mustaches have been having a bit of a mo-ment (if you will). And now, thanks to nutraceutical company Formulate Health, you can partake in this trend, regardless of your quantity of facial hair, with this tricky puzzle.

illustration; find the man without a mustacheCourtesy Formulate Health

As you can see, all of these dapper fellows are sporting some snazzy facial hair—well, almost all of them. The goal of this brain teaser is to find the one man who doesn’t have a ’stache. While a speedy someone on the Formulate Health team spotted him in a mere ten seconds, we bet you can find him in under a minute!

To make your life a little easier, here’s another tip: While you can’t see the mouths of any of the mustachioed men, the man without the mustache has a visible mouth!

Ready for the answer? Scroll down!

illustration solved; one man without a mustache illuminated with red circleCourtesy Formulate Health

The only man with the bare upper lip is all the way on the left side of the image, pretty much right smack in the middle between the top and bottom. Yup, he’s got a mouth, but no mustache!

Now that you’ve spent lots of time looking at drawings of mustaches, check out more fun brain games to give your grey matter a workout!

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