Stuck at Home? Here Are 11 Adorable Animal Cams to Get You Through

Live animal webcams have taken off and (happily) taken over our lives—here, we rounded up the best animal cams on the web for your guilty viewing pleasure.

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Tiger in the wild
Photo: Deer worawut/Shutterstock

A virtual trip to the zoo

Being stuck in your house for days on end is never fun. Once you’ve figured out how to work at home successfully, and how you’re going to prepare your non-perishables for dinner for the next few weeks, you’re probably going to try to figure out how to stave off the hours of boredom ahead of you. Luckily for you, zoos and aquariums around the world have decided to give us all a bit of peaceful, stress-reducing fun with these live cams of our favourite animals living their best and most adorable lives.

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Photo: paula french/Shutterstock

Let’s start with April and Tajiri

If your eyes weren’t glued to the Internet watching April the giraffe give birth at the beginning of 2017, don’t worry. Here’s a link to watch April’s 24/7 giraffe cam all day. The best news? Now you get to watch the proud mama right alongside her sone Tajiri. The updated giraffe cam feed is adorable enough to garner sponsorship from major companies like Toys ‘R Us, so you know it’s worthy of keeping the tab open at work.

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Small brown baby sloth hanging with three limbs and staring at the camera
Photo: Terri Butler Photography/Shutterstock

You can watch sloths move even slower than you at work

Nothing builds confidence quite like feeling like you’re the best at something. If you need to compare yourself to a slower creature to build up work-related self-esteem, good news—one of the best live animal cams out there is of two-toed sloths named Chewy, Mo, and brand new baby Maple. Keep in mind that sloths are nocturnal, so this cam at the Hattiesburg Zoo is best viewed at nighttime when this adorable little family will be moving about.

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Two Otters Floating Hold Paws
Photo: Erin Donalson/Shutterstock

Watch these sea otters live the vacation you should be taking

If you’re sitting at your desk Googling live animal cams because you desperately need a break, that’s likely a sign you need a vacation. If you can’t actually take one, don’t worry. Watching these cutesy sea otters live their best lives will be spackle on your emotional cracks.

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Panda bears eating together
Photo: Hung Chung Chih/Shutterstock

iPanda Live is the most important Asian export of all time

There’s a 24/7 panda cam coming straight out of Asia and it’ll breathe new life into you while you watch from your desk. Pandas are ridiculously cute, to begin with, but few people know about their scientifically proven ability to make spreadsheets more interesting.

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African Penguin Spheniscus demersus is an endangered bird found in South Africa
Photo: LagunaticPhoto/Shutterstock

You can watch waddlers all day

The very same source of live animal cams responsible for the sweet sea otters, Monterey Bay Aquarium, also offers a relatively under-appreciated penguin cam, which is everything you’ll ever need to see and feel when the AC in your office is busted again this summer. You can thank us later.

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stung by jellyfish
Photo: H.Tanaka/Shutterstock

We don’t think you’re ready for this jelly

Just kidding. You’re totally ready for it. You’ve waited your whole life for a jellyfish cam, haven’t you? The Monterey Bay Aquarium has you covered. With peaceful background music, this cam features these graceful animals swimming about in royal blue water. It doesn’t get calmer than this!

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Beluga in the sea
Photo: alberto clemares exposito/Shutterstock

OMG there’s a beluga whale cam!

Maybe you’re the king of middle management, but there’s nothing quite like watching live animal cams that show you rare and truly hard to find animals like beluga whales. This cam is placed just outside the beluga tank, so from time to time, you may catch Georgia Aquarium visitors picking their noses too. Double the fun.

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India Bengal Tiger head looking direct to camera
Photo: dangdumrong/Shutterstock

This tiger cam might inspire you to doze off

As if working didn’t make you crave naps enough! This tiger cam is supposed to be live-action fun, but it’s more like a super cute cuddle cam featuring a giant orange house cat. If you’re feeling blue or frustrated, watching this guy relax and purr will take the edge off.

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cuddling elephant and baby elephant
Photo: Zhukova Valentyna/Shutterstock

Stop what you’re doing—elephant cams exist!

Grab an extra-large coffee from the break room and get ready for the most important safari animal cam of all time—the elephant cam at the San Diego Zoo. It’s everything you’ve ever wanted out of watching The Lion King and then some.

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Black ants on woods table
Photo: Jukkapong Piyarom/Shutterstock

Cutting leaves, shredding docs, what’s the difference?

If you need a good animal cam to watch while you’re shredding documents, head over to the Houston Zoo’s leafcutter ant cam. You’ll feel instantly unified with nature. Also, we need to know who the genius responsible for this is.

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flock of beautiful pink flamingos near the river.
Photo: vhpicstock/Shutterstock

Is that a flamingo in your cubicle?

Why yes, yes it is. There’s a 24/7 live action flamingo cam that’ll inspire you to be your most elegant, rhythmic self at your desk. Maybe the old you showed up to work as a schlep, but post-flamingo cam you can glide gracefully through the workday.

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