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Do You Know What These Acronyms Stand For?

This Word Power quiz keeps it brief with a roundup of useful acronyms from the worlds of IT, HR and EMS, among others. Pronouncing them is as easy as ABC: Just recite the letters and you’ll be GTG. ID these terms ASAP, then scroll to the next card to see the answers spelled out.

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What does TBD stand for?4Max / /

Acronyms Quiz

What does TBD stand for?

a) To be determined
b) Terribly bad day
c) Tactical business development

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Planning dates on calendarPra Chid /

Answer: a) To be determined

As in, “The band’s exact dates and venues for their summer tour are TBD.”

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What does ESL stand for?4Max / /

What does ESL stand for?

a) Earnings, savings and loans
b) Elementary-school level
c) English as a second language

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Teaching English remoteProstock-studio /

Answer: c) English as a second language

As in, “Miss Jacobs spoke slowly to help her ESL students follow along.”

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What does DOE stand for?4Max / /

What does DOE stand for?

a) Date of event
b) Depends on experience
c) Day off due to exhaustion

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Job search candidatesStudio Romantic /

Answer: b) Depends on experience

As in, “Andréanne felt hesitant to apply for jobs that listed the salary as DOE.”

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What does P&L stand for?4Max / /

What does P&L stand for?

a) Parsley and lemon
b) Position and location
c) Profit and loss

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Profit and loss statementLinaimages /

Answer: c) Profit and loss

As in, “Every publicly traded company must issue P&L statements regularly.”

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What does GMO stand for?4Max / /

What does GMO stand for?

a) Genetically modified organism
b) Give me one
c) Guaranteed mail order

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Reaching for peppers at grocery store5m3photos /

Answer: a) Genetically modified organism

As in, “So far, there are no signs that GMOs are unsafe for human consumption.”

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What does SEP stand for?4Max / /

What does SEP stand for?

a) Someone else’s problem
b) Solar energy production
c) Seismic event prediction

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Young man /

Answer: a) Someone else’s problem

As in, “Malcolm dismissed the fallen stop sign as SEP and kept walking.”

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What does PS stand for?4Max / /

What does PS stand for?

a) Print supplement
b) Postscript
c) Parting statement

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Woman writing /

Answer: b) Postscript

As in, “Sara added a hasty PS to her letter after realizing she’d left out a key piece of information.”

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What does ABC stand for?4Max / /

What does ABC stand for?

a) Against book censorship
b) Airway, breathing and circulation
c) Access to basic care

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Paramedic with patientGorodenkoff /

Answer: b) Airway, breathing and circulation

As in, “The paramedic checked Lev’s ABCs and concluded he wouldn’t need CPR.”

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What does URL stand for?4Max / /

What does URL stand for?

a) Uniform resource locator
b) Underground racing league
c) Upper range limit

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Typing URL into browserSoho A Studio /

Answer: a) Uniform resource locator

As in, “Ravneet typed in the URL of the store’s website to check the return policy.”

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What does ROM stand for?4Max / /

What does ROM stand for?

a) Royal order of merit
b) Rate of mortality
c) Range of motion

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Woman with sore shoulderJiBJhoY /

Answer: c) Range of motion

As in, “Debbie worried about losing the ROM in her arthritic shoulder.”

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What does SPF stand for?4Max / /

What does SPF stand for?

a) Sensor pixel format
b) Sun-protection factor
c) Single-parent family

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Man putting on sunscreenSofia Zambra Aramburu /

Answer: b) Sun-protection factor

As in, “Bill’s skin burned easily, so he always chose a high-SPF sunscreen.”

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What does SFPF stand for?4Max / /

What does SFPF stand for?

a) System for physical fitness
b) Salty, fast or processed food
c) Smoke-free, pet-free

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Secondhand finds at yard saleNew Africa /

Answer: c) Smoke-free, pet-free

As in, “Secondhand items sell more easily when they’re from an SFPF home.”

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What does LCD stand for?4Max / /

What does LCD stand for?

a) Low-cholesterol diet
b) Liquid-crystal display
c) Local courier delivery

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Couple shopping for new TVDusan Petkovic /

Answer: b) Liquid-crystal display

As in, “The salesperson rattled on about the advantages of LCD TV screens.”

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What does JGI stand for?4Max / /

What does JGI stand for?

a) Just Google it
b) Junior-grade infantry
c) judgment of guilt or innocence

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Just Google itThaspol Sangsee /

Answer: a) Just Google it

As in, “When his brother texted him asking how to boil an egg, Pranjal told him: JGI.”

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What does TMI stand for?4Max / /

What does TMI stand for?

a) Test of machine intelligence
b) Too much information
c) Toxic materials index

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Worried woman on phoneRoman Samborskyi /

Answer: b) Too much information

As in, “Nefeli wondered if some of the details in her story were TMI.”

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What Does SOS Stand For4Max / /

The Acronym Everybody Gets Wrong

Many think SOS is short for “save our ship,” but it doesn’t really stand for anything! This sequence of letters was chosen because it’s easy to type in Morse code and hard to mistake for anything else. When the Titanic was sinking, it transmitted SOS signals and another, now-defunct emergency call: CQD, which, according to unofficial sources, could have been derived from the French “sécurité” or the English “seek you.” What is certain is that “D” stood for danger or distress.

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