Stranded in a Snowstorm? These Smart Tips Could Save Your Life

When a winter storm hits and you’re on the road, it's easy for panic to set in. These emergency tips can help keep you safe—and as warm as possible—until help arrives.

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Car break down in winter - car buried in snow
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Car breakdown in winter?

If you’re stranded in a car and can’t drive further, don’t get out. Call for help if your car broke down. Run the engine occasionally for warmth, but keep a window open. Be sure the exhaust pipe isn’t blocked by snow.

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Low fuel guage shown in a car shot close up
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Run out of gas?

If the car runs out of gas, keep all the windows shut to conserve warmth. Stay on the lookout for help. Make sure your windows are cleared of snow so passing drivers can see that there’s someone in the car.

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Stuck for a while?

Exercise or move your arms and legs for warmth and keep yourself awake. Don’t go to sleep under any circumstances.

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Blizzard, strong snowstorm, snow-covered trees. A silhouette lone man walking along a forest road under the winter snowstorm

Caught outside?

If you’re caught outside while on foot, head to the nearest shelter. Tie a scarf over your nose and mouth to protect your ears and face from the wind and snow.

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Beautiful winter landscape with snow covered trees and fence
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Can’t see ahead of you?

If the snow is so bad it impairs sight, try to follow a fence or ruts in the road.

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a tired buried deeply in the snow
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Stuck in a snowbank?

If your vehicle is really stuck, don’t wear yourself out shovelling it out, according to News Wheel. Instead, conserve your energy and concentrate on staying warm.

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Scraping ice off windshield in winter
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Ice scraper breaks?

Prepare for a broken ice scraper ahead of time by making sure to include a back-up scraper and brush in your vehicle. Even better, also invest in a windshield protector that will make de-icing much easier.

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Thermos bottle on the snow

Getting thirsty?

The last thing you want to do when you’re stranded is eat snow directly, according to News Wheel. The energy your body expends warming up the snow makes it harder for you to retain body heat. If you happen to have an empty container, though, you can place snow inside of it and drink it after it melts.

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