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5 Invaluable Tools You Should Always Have in Your Car

These tools will always get you out of a jam—and possibly save your life.

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Seat belt cutter and window hammerPhoto:

Seat belt cutter and window hammer

You don’t want to think about having to use either a seat belt cutter or a window hammer, but should your car ever fall into water, these tools can help save your life. These are especially helpful for avid ice anglers, who run the risk of having their vehicle fall through thin ice.

Find out how to survive if your car start sinking underwater.

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Craftsman socket setPhoto:

Craftsman socket set

It can be hard to pick out the right socket set. Get a set with many socket sizes and be sure to familiarize yourself with the tools before storing the box in your car or garage.

Prepare yourself further by reading this roadside emergency guide.

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Car jackPhoto:


This jack is sleek and durable, ready to take on any job. The model also passes the 2009 ASME PALD standard, which is the industry’s leading safety regulation for lifting equipment. The jack is great for all types of cars and ready to use.

Avoid these driving and maintenance mistakes at all costs.

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Heavy duty jumper cablesPhoto:

Heavy duty jumper cables

Forney is one of the premium welded cables to depend on when in need of the best. Great for jumping your car from most places with its 7.6m of cable. You can even jump a vehicle if you park behind it. It works on most large trucks as well.

Learn how to jump-start your car safely.

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Mirror and magnet setPhoto:

Mirror and magnet set

A mirror and magnet set is your non-typical tool that is great for picking up screws and looking around the engines. A mirror and magnet set attaches quickly from magnet to mirror. The small size makes it easy to store, plus the magnets can hold their own. OTC claims the magnets can lift up to 3.6 kilograms.

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