6 Thrifty Tricks To Save On Gas

Want to save on gas? Slash what you’re paying at the pumps with these easy, do-it-yourself strategies for fuel-efficient driving.

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Tricks to save on gas
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1. Save on gas by keeping your engine warm

Want to save on gas? Try to string errands together by driving to the farthest destination first, which will get the block heated up, and then working your way home.

You asked, we answered: Why don’t all cars have gas tanks on the same side?

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Save on gas by keeping your windows open at low speeds
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2. Save on gas by keeping the windows open—on local roads only

At highway speeds, however, driving with the windows down creates drag. To save on gas when you’re driving 65 km/h or faster, roll up the windows and put on the AC.

Our experts weigh-in on whether or not premium fuel is worth the added expense.

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Save on gas by packing light
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3. Don’t hoard

You don’t need to lug around a case of oil, a bag of sand, or that box of antique tools you got at the garage sale, right? So empty the trunk—the less weight, the more you’ll save on gas. Here are the things you should never ever leave in your car.

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Save on gas by avoiding trafic
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4. Avoid traffic wherever possible

Driving at speed is more fuel efficient than creeping along in low gear.

Psst—here’s the mathematical way you’re probably driving wrong.

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Save on gas by keeping your tires inflated
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5. Inflate your tires

Want to save on gas? Keep your tires inflated and steer clear of those stickier, wider performance tires, which increase road friction and can sap mileage per gallon. Instead, opt for eco-focused tires, which reduce rolling resistance. Here are 10 more often-overlooked services that can extend the life of your vehicle.

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A regular tune-up can help save on gas
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6. Get a Tune-up

A smooth-running engine is more fuel efficient. Next, find out eight more ways to get better gas mileage and fuel economy.

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